POSTUROKiT is simply a multidisciplinary and sports loving team!

Our engineers, designers and healthcare practitioners are passionate by 3D and AI applied to the human body and have been working for a long time with pro athletes, to whom Posturology has totally changed their lives.

Soon enough, not only did we come to realize the effectiveness of this overall method, but also the challenge to equip one’s self with technical equipment required for postural sensor testing. So, the decision was made to create professional kits accessible to all practitioners in terms of price and use!


We provide you with a selection of complete kits that allow you all at once:

  • To classify the postural imbalances
  • To perform complete neurologic sensors tests in just a few minutes
  • To put in place an action plan and effective treatment and follow up

Our kits are destined at all practitioners and students dealing with posturology:

  • chiropractors & osteopaths & podiatrists
  • dentist & ENT
  • ophthalmologists & orthoptists
  • Speech therapists
  • rehabilitation doctors & physiotherapists
  • rheumatologists & general practitioners
  • coaches, personal trainers & pilates instructors